Microsoft has added two new buttons to the keyboard

Microsoft has added two new buttons to the keyboard

The new line of keyboards from Microsoft has acquired two innovative buttons. The first Office key allows you to quickly open applications for work. The second key with a smiley face gives quick access to the list of emojis, reports The Verge.

“Office” applications are launched when you press the Office key in combination with the first letter of its name. For example, Word will be opened by simultaneously pressing Office + W, to start Exel the letter changes, respectively, to E. This button replaced the Win key. The key with the emoticon on it will display a list of emojis built into Windows 10.

The first keyboards to receive the new buttons were the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and Bluetooth Keyboard. The first is connected to the computer via the USB port, and the second via Bluetooth. In US stores, they will appear on October 15. The device will cost $ 59.99 and $ 49.99, respectively.

Two new buttons are the first changes to the Microsoft keyboard since 1994. Almost all keyboards have 104-105 buttons. The American IT giant does not issue a keyboard certificate for working with Windows if it does not have Win keys and menu buttons.

Earlier, Microsoft announced the November update of Windows 10. Now the operating system is undergoing the latest tests.

Instagram will pay users money

Users will be able to receive money for information about companies illegally using personal data

Instagram has launched the Data Abuse Bounty program, which will pay users for information about companies that illegally use their personal data through social networks.

The illegal use of data includes the insecure storage of personal user information – names and passwords, as well as the unlawful use of this data. In addition, Data Abuse Bounty will monitor the services for wrapping likes, subscribers and comments.

The size of bonuses for participation in the program is not disclosed. Moreover, in a similar program from Facebook, the average payout is about 1.5 thousand dollars.

Previously, Instagram introduced a new feature that allows users to mark publications in which information seems to be unreliable. Since August 15, the innovation has become available in the United States, and within two weeks this service will be available worldwide.

The Redmi 8 and Redmi 8A got super speakers

Redmi 8 and Redmi 8A smartphones, to a low budget, will please their users with sound. The head of the brand, Li Weibing, published in Weibo a teaser image that reveals the nature of the “super sound” of smartphones.

As it turned out, the device uses a large loudspeaker type 1217. The same is used in flagship models Redmi K20 and even Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G. So at the expense of such “superdynamics” very cheap Redmi 8 and Redmi 8A will sound no worse than top models. It would be very interesting to look at the DxOMark sound tests of these smartphones, but this is unlikely: the French company usually tests the models more expensive.

A special amplifier must work in conjunction with a 1217 speaker.

Sound quality is not the only feature of smartphones. The devices, according to official data, have turned out to be strong, and their performance over time practically does not deviate from the original.

Nokia has become one of the leaders in 5G innovation

As the world’s fifth-generation networks roll out, the race for leadership in 5G technology continues. The Nokia brand has decided to keep up with its main competitors – Huawei and Ericsson – and has filed several thousand new patents.

3GPP, which is comprised of seven companies, is working to create standards for 5G technology.

Several manufacturers are involved in the development, but patents are given to those who will offer better options. Nokia, according to corporate representatives, became one of the most successful participants in the program when creating the first set of technical innovations, according to the official Nokia website.

5G Technology Leaders. Note that in May, German research firm IPlytics named the manufacturers with the largest number of patents in the field of 5G. Huawei Technologies took first place with 2160 registered developments, while Nokia was in second place with 1516.

Now the brand has announced that it already has more than two thousand patents related to next-generation networks, but the exact number is not named.

Samsung Galaxy S11 can get a triple front camera

Samsung plays without rules, and today enthusiasts have discovered a new patent, which suggests that the Galaxy S11 will receive a triple front camera. The Galaxy S10 Plus and Note 10 Plus each received 2 lenses, and we are wondering why we need a third.

The devices of the S10 series received a front camera, which is located in the upper right corner. Both Note 10 / Plus gadgets have advanced cameras located in the center of the panel, while the Galaxy S11 lenses may appear in the upper left corner.

A pair of modules in the front allows you to make excellent portrait photographs, and the third lens will probably serve as a time-of-flight sensor that measures the distance to the object and can also create a 3D map of the user’s face. Perhaps Samsung will make a very accurate and reliable face scanner in the next generation of flagships.

Closer to February, we will learn about the plans of the South Korean giant, and now we have to wait.

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra lightweight mouse with optical sensor

Roccat released the Kone Pure Ultra gaming mouse – one of the lightest models in its class with a weight of 66 g. Moreover, this time it was achieved not by a completely “holey” case, but by combining it with a second coating. The device received a special wear-resistant coating with dirt-repellent properties. Dimensions are 115 × 70 × 39 mm.

An Roccat Owl-Eye optical sensor is installed with a resolution of 16,000 dpi. With some fabric mats, the operating distance can be reduced to less than 1 mm. The mouse is equipped with a Titan 2D wheel with an improved and more precise click mechanism. Implemented multi-color backlight AIMO.

The polling frequency reaches 1000 Hz, the maximum acceleration is 50g. To connect to a computer, a 1.8-meter cable with a USB connector is used.

The price of the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra mouse is $ 85.

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

Roku prefix will cease to support Netflix

Today, in fairly narrow circles, Roku’s products are extremely popular, namely its online players, which allow you to broadcast any channels and streaming services from absolutely anywhere. In particular, many of the buyers at one time purchased Roku products in order to have ubiquitous and stable access to the Netflix streaming service. Nevertheless, as it turned out the other day, very soon the above service will cease to support Roku products – Netflix will be unavailable. Nevertheless, you should not be too upset, because not all Roku devices will lose support, but only a small, oldest part of it. What is noteworthy is that it was not Roku who told us about this news, but Netflix. According to the streaming service, soon starting from December 1, it will no longer be available on the following devices: Roku HD, HD-XR, SD, XD, XDS, as well as on NetGear XD and XDS. Nevertheless, the Roku company itself will also warn you about this, sending you an appropriate letter soon if you are using an “outdated version of the player from Roku”. However, do not think that your device will turn into a pumpkin in an instant, this is not so. You can still use it in the previous mode, but when you try to play any movie or series on Netflix, you will receive a message stating that this action cannot be performed.

Be that as it may, it is not worth considering that this news is something sudden, unexpected and dishonest, because the leadership of Roku back in 2015 officially announced that its old devices that were released in 2011 and earlier, will soon face a number of restrictions. And in general, there is nothing wrong with this, because indeed, today these players look and have functionality that has not been the standard for the industry for several years. Simply put, Roku players, which will no longer support Netflix on December 1, are indeed ancient and incredibly outdated devices. And besides, for the vast majority of people there is no point in buying even the newest and most advanced version of the Roku player, because we all have either a smart TV, or a console, or a smartphone, PC or tablet, on which we can without any there were problems running both Netflix and much more. Nevertheless, you should not discount all those people who have old televisions that do not even have a banal HDMI connector, but still very much want to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix. Such people will still have to upgrade by buying a more modern version of the console from Roku.

HarmonyOS will soon outperform Linux

In August this year, Huawei launched its HarmonyOS operating system for a variety of smart home devices, TVs, and, in the long term, for smartphones.

New research indicates that HarmonyOS market share will reach 2% next year, making it the fifth largest operating system in the world, surpassing Linux. The source also indicates that the share of HONGMENG OS in China will reach 0.1% by the end of this year and 5% by the end of next year.

Currently, Android is the world’s leading operating system with a market share of 39%, followed by Windows, which has a share of 35%. Apple with iOS holds the third place (13.87%). The fourth place went to MacOS, with a market share of 5.92%. Currently, Linux is the fifth largest operating system with a share of 0.77%.

In the future, HarmonyOS can support a wide range of applications originally created for Android, Linux and HTML5 environments. The new operating system uses Huawei’s proprietary ARK compiler and will support Kotlin, Java, Javascript, C and C ++ programming languages.

Huawei said it began working on HarmonyOS back in 2017. HarmonyOS 2.0 is due out next year, and version 3.0 is expected in 2021.

Xiaomi copies the Samsung Galaxy S10 + design to the Redmi K30

Redmi (a sub-brand of Xiaomi) is preparing a new flagship Redmi K30 with 5G support and dual selfie in the top corner of the display. The CEO of Lou Weibing said at a Redmi 8 presentation in China.

Weibing demonstrated on one of the slides the upcoming Redmi flagship with a perforated display reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. This is the first Xiaomi smartphone with this front camera layout.

He also posted a picture on the Chinese social network Weibo, which states that the K30 will receive support for 5G SA and NSA networks. According to rumors, the smartphone will receive a new chipset Qualcomm 7250 5G.

Lou Weibing said the Redmi K30 would not be the most affordable 5G-enabled phone, but would be a relatively inexpensive device.

Redmi is expected to launch the K30 smartphone by the end of 2019.